Hiatus in Haiku

08 06 11

Bored of writing crap

Inspiration fails me now

Nothing more to say


Callin’ Mr Ugly

06 06 11

Ha ha ha, this is one of the most pathetic stories I’ve read.



A Zimbabwean man upstaged 15 others to win the Mr Ugly title at a weekend pageant, a local newspaper reported Monday. Thirty-year-old Austin Mbewe from the second city of Bulawayo won 1,200 South African rand ($174, 122 euros) and a blanket at the contest held Saturday in the border town of Beitbridge, the Herald newspaper said.

“I feel honoured by this victory,” the paper quoted him as saying after winning the title. “I have been a subject of ridicule from society since childhood and the world has seen that there is a beautiful side to my ugliness.” Organiser Lovemore Chonzi said: “Basically, the competition is meant for people to have fun and celebrate who they are, just like any other contest in the world.”

The competition, which is in its third year, has the blessing of the country’s arts council and the government tourism authority. The winner was chosen by a panel of female judges. Two runners-up won 600 rand and 500 rand respectively and a blanket each. A similar competition is being planned for the capital Harare on Monday. Source : Sapa-AFP


He won a blanket (and R1200)! Jesus, I’m surprised a durable brown paper bag wasn’t thrown in.

No ‘crisis’ here, assert Blatter and Masondo

01 06 11

FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, has requested the help of former Johannesburg mayor, Amos Masondo, to accurately define the term ‘crisis’ and develop an alternate term for future foul-ups.

On the day on which Blatter was re-elected for a fourth term as president of football’s governing body, it was revealed by a source close to Masondo that the soccer honcho wanted to get together with the ex-mayor to put pay to the term ‘crisis’, once and for all.

This followed the Swiss codger’s denial that FIFA was in crisis, after allegations of bribery led to two senior members quitting, and many more executives under the spotlight for corruption.

“Crisis, what is a crisis?” Blatter told a news conference following an executive committee meeting.

In January this year, Masondo, too, struggled with the c-word. He referred to the fact that thousands of Johannesburg residents’ services were cut off, or that they received bills alleging that they’d run up electricity and rates’ bills amounting, literally, to millions of rand, merely as a ‘challenge’, vehemently denying that there was a crisis unfolding.

According to Demigod Mtshonga, a member of the Crisis Team for the Avoidance of the Term Crisis  (CTATC), “Mr Blatter sent a telegram and a Tweet to Mr Masondo, asking to meet at the News Café in Fredman drive, Sandton, this weekend, when the FIFA boss’s schedule opens up a bit.”

Both nay-sayers have been spotted poring over the ‘C’ section of the Oxford English Dictionary in preparation for the meeting. Mtshonga divulged that a task-team of English language professors has also been established in order to suggest a variety of substitutes for the term crisis – a word, which has been banned both in ex-Gauteng mayoral circles, as well as throughout the football world.

The leaked suggestions thus far for a replacement term include “pickle”, “stew” and “fix”. “Right fucking balls-up” was repeatedly scratched off the list.