Nobody must like you till you’re 23, please (with apologies to Blink 182)

Twenty-three is apparently that magic age at which people are able to have sex responsibly.

Eastern Cape premier Noxolo Kiviet said on Tuesday: ‘”People die before time and at 23 you will know what to do to not get infected with HIV. It is up to you to take advice,” she said, adding that life expectancy was going down as a result of HIV/Aids.’

What a hopelessly naive and patently untrue statement.

As an aside, whoever wrote this SAPA copy needs a lesson in conveying meaning accurately. The implication is that the premier believes some pupils will still be in high school when they are 23 years old: “High school pupils must abstain from sex until the age of 23, Eastern Cape premier Noxolo Kiviet said on Tuesday.”

I think that if you are still a highschool pupil by the age of 23, chances are you won’t really grasp the reasons behind Kiviet’s argument. Agh, I matriculated at the usual age of 17 and even *I* can’t quite understand how Kiviet came up with that  number as being the ‘all clear’ age for sex.


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