2011 electioneering

Ahhhhh! I’d been hoping for a funny election story ahead of this month’s upcoming municipal election, and this one fits the bill – and no, President Jacob Zuma’s announcement that voting for the ANC is akin to a woman choosing a real man does not count as funny – only sadly crazy and an embodiment of the ANC’s politics based on a whole lot of madness a whole lot of the time.

Dagga Party leader charged Article

By: Graeme Raubenheimer

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in the Western Cape on Tuesday said that the leader of the Dagga Party will still contest the upcoming local government elections despite being charged with drug possession. Police searched Jeremy Acton’s Montagu home on Friday where they found a small amount of dagga. Acton faced similar charges on previous occasions. He handed himself over to law enforcement officials earlier. “I stopped outside the court house and was then taken to the police station to be charged with the bits that they found Friday. “They also gave me another search warrant; we went back out to my place. I handed over a small amount of dagga,” he said. The IEC’s Courtney Sampson said Acton was still eligible. “The only thing that takes a person out of the equation as a councillor, as a representative of the people, is if they are sentenced [to prison] for more than a year without the option of a fine,” he said.

That final statement by Courtney Sampson is just precious.


2 Responses to 2011 electioneering

  1. Tamara says:

    Wow. Our politicians are just so qualified.

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    So you haven’t been in been in jail for more than a year without having been given the choice to pay a fine? Great, be my public representative… I have the world of trust and respect for you now.

    Tamara, election season is the real silly season, eh?

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