Go see DreamGirls

I’ve greatly enjoyed the past three days of this four-day long weekend aimed at worshipping chocolate. I’ve partaken. Oh yes, I have partaken, and I have a box of white Lindt balls open in front of me that need tackling tomorrow.

Saw the live production of ‘DreamGirls’ on Saturday, in which the primary female role, Effie White, was played by the alternate, Caroline Borole.

This show was outstanding, and Borole was seriously one of the best singing and acting talents I’ve seen. She was powerful and captivating, and just very, very good. What a find! Dazzling costumes and sets, and really a slick, well-produced show.

The bad news is that I’ve heard the show is closing at Monte Casino around 8 May, about 10 days earlier than its billed run, owing to poor ticket sales.

It is appalling that a show of this calibre should be so badly attended. It is a spectacle and Jo’burgers, you are missing out. Give the cast some support and go see it – if you like a good musical show, you will not be disappointed.

Ok, bed time, catch y’all on Tuesday.


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