I hate that kid in the Ultramel Delight advert.

He is even more annoying than the extreme close-ups were of the pretty brunette in the first advert, who very evidently does NOT eat those desserts all that often.

In this advert, the curly-haired cherub scoffs the four-pack of the dessert with his dad, and are then bust by their mother/wife, who walks in and notices the empty containers in the budgie’s cage.

The father and son then proceed to weave an elaborate tale of how Bernard the budgie ate all the dessert and that, in essence, they would have to consider exchanging the bird for a less greedy model.

All the while, the camera focusses on this delightful little boy-prince’s face smeared with the foodstuff, as he waves at his mother, culminating in the mother looking with patient adoration at her two boys, and in the kid warning the bird that he’d be watching it closely.


WHY do we have to watch this kind of rubbish advertising and stereotyping on TV?

This advert teaches us that it’s cute when children are taught that it’s OK to blatantly lie when caught doing something undesirable. And really, IS eating ‘too much’ bloody Ultramel bloody Delight akin to shooting someone in the knees? Is it worth lying about? Are the father and son diabetic and about to slip into a hyperglycaemic coma, thus worthy of chastisement?

This advert is full of lying, dishonesty and pseudo-humour. And that child needs a haircut and a punch in the face, in any order.


9 Responses to Un-delightful

  1. HotGuy43 says:

    DBAWIW, it’s just a really dumb ad. Chill. It’s not worth this degree of analysis – or getting so annoyed over. Just have some chocolate and relax. 🙂

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    HotGuy, to misquote the 60s song, it’s my blog and I’ll rail against puerile advertising, distorted parenting and dubious gendering and gender roles as much as I wanna.

    You do make sense re the chocolate, though. Where’s my KitKat?

  3. Tamara says:

    Still haven’t seen the ad. But it serves to reinforce my opinion that custard sucks, whether in taste or in lack of tasteful ads. And it’s just so yellow.

  4. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    It’s not custard, it’s some other dessert, the chocolate variety of which is actually quite yummy.
    Still, just like Continental Linen’s sexist advert of some years ago led me to boycott the brand until very recently, I may have to consider boycotting brands that use cutesy, irritating children to sell their wares until they stop doing that shit.
    Yes, I sure did hurt Continental Linen’s bottom line by withholding the cash value of one fitted sheet.

  5. Charmskool says:

    DB it’s a pretty good thing you aren’t in advertising. I can just see creative brainstorming ads with you leading the session. “Listen people – all we need to say is – this is a pudding, it tastes quite good, comes in 2 flavour variations and will put weight on you if you eat too much. Could be dangerous to diabetics and those who are lactose intolerant” Oh yes “get a male nurse – an ugly, fat one to do the ad. He can be talking to a rather homely secretary at the doctors office – Right people – off you go – amaze me!”

  6. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:


    Christ, it’s like you’ve met me. ‘Amaze me!’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    An ugly, fat male nurse. ahahhahahaahhah.

  7. sindy says:

    I hate that kid too. I even googled it to rant about him. He is sooo creepy and his eyes are sinister. He’s also in the toilet paper ad, and now I see he’s in the Milo ad. The toilet paper ad was even more scarey, he smirks as he holds the toilet roll aloft! Do I honestly think to myself, that’s the toilet paper brand I need to buy?!

    I don’t know which rich family he belongs to, they really need to stop paying people off the get him on TV! He is disturbing! He makes me want to throw out my TV.

    PS the hazelnut-chocolate Ultramel Delight is pretty good. It’s the ad that doesn’t feature this kid, and I bought it because I like custard.

  8. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Ha Ha Ha,Sindy, I think you loathe him even more than I do. I haven’t seen the Milo advert – how can they keep using him?!!?!

    And now, you do realise that I will have to try the hazelnut-chocolate version?

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