Bag dialing and voting

My Blackberry has been phoning a number of people without my immediate knowledge, of late. Woofles said for a while she regularly got handbag calls from me, and apparently I phoned my 64-year-old colleague at 11pm last week. She’d told me in the past that she’d listened for a full five minutes when her daughter had accidentally phoned her some time ago, so it worries me what she might have heard me doing (I suspect it was climbing the stairs to my flat while somewhat sozzled, by myself, so not much entertainment there).

Tamara was the lucky recipient of a bag dial last night, as well as on a number of prior occasions.  At the time I was juggling a massive pile of dirty laundry, so perhaps all she heard was muffled grunts. Not those kinda grunts.

Once or twice I’ve answered a bag dial and have never heard anything of interest. Never a conversation between the phone’s owner and a doctor ending with “NO, it itches THERE!!!!”, or during an acrimonious break up. I live for the day that I might be privy to a fight between phone owner and partner during which I discover incidents of infidelity, lying and bullshit.

One day I will be accidentally phoned and told the code to the safe where the secret millions are stashed, instead of “I’ll have three punnets of strawberries and block of cheese.”

On an entirely different note, Limpopo’s come up with an interesting way of preventing voting:

Potential voters found themselves being intimidated as they attempted to register in Limpopo’s Vhembe District Municipality during the final voter registration weekend. But according to a report in the Beeld newspaper on Tuesday none of the registered political parties was to blame. In fact Limpopo province’s chief electoral officer Nkara Matete said the culprit was a lion.

“There has been a complaint of intimidation lodged in Mutale where a lion has frightened off voters who were trying to get to votering stations (to register),” she was quoted as saying at a press conference in Polokwane.

The lion had apparently escaped from the nearby Makuya Park and attempts by game wardens and police on Saturday to track down the intimidating beast had failed.

The Makuya Nature Reserve shares a fenceless border with the neighbouring Kruger National Park.

A complaint of intimidation was lodged…

Do we really want that individual on the voters’ roll anyway?


3 Responses to Bag dialing and voting

  1. Charmskool says:

    I always get handbag dialled by the same two people. I guess their phone keys don’t auto lock. I also never hear anything worthwhile, which makes it twice as irritating to be handbag dialled in the first place

  2. Tamara says:

    TSC often butt dials me. So a bag dial’s not so bad 😉

    “Votering” stations?

  3. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    If you give me your number, Charm, I’ll make sure to bag dial you when I’m fighting with a service provider or am trying to woo someone.

    Tamara, I would butt dial too, undoubtedly, if I weren’t worried about a Blackberry making my bum look big(ger).
    HA HA, votering stations! That lion is awful intimidatering, inn’t he?

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