Arab leaders and being Boldly Beautiful

BBC World reports that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has announced a series of housing and other benefits ahead of his return to the country after receiving treatment abroad.

You think this Arab leader is a little worried about his countrymen following the example of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain?

On another note, I see there was a little incident in Eastgate Shopping Centre on Monday in which three fans were hurt when they spotted three ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ actors in the centre. Apparently there was a bit of a rush forwards when the three – the actors who play Steffi, Owen and Nick – and a child suffered a  head injury while a woman in her 50s hurt her leg or summin’. My gran was working in the shopping centre at the time but was aware of nothing, sadly.

Honestly, I have heard nothing more ridiculous since I heard Gadhafi ordered his troops to violently suppress his country’s protesters. While I’ll always be a fan of the conniving and closeted-lesbian Stephanie Forrester, I think I could live quite happily and fully without getting the John Hancock of her co-stars.


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