Forget what you know, dear public

There’s a morning magazine programme on South African TV screens called Expresso every morning (yes, I am sure they thought deliberately misspelling the coffee drink would make for a hi-la-ri-ous pun), which I suppose is meant to rival the other morning show on another of the SABC’s channels.

One of the four or so hosts is minor celebrity, Michael Moll. Actually, to be more accurate, his name is DR Michael Moll, general practitioner of medicine, having achieved a medical degree in SA a number of years ago.

This morning, DR Moll had a conversation with a nutritionist (watch this clip if you’d love a great laugh about “nutritionists”) or dietitian or someone of that ilk about calcium supplementation. During the sadly scripted little item, sponsored by a vitamins manufacturer, DR Moll asked has guest about lactose intolerance, milk and how to get other sources of calcium that would not make you vomit.

DR Moll, a man who has at least seven years of  medical learning behind his name, was taking advice from a vitamin peddler whose medical knowledge, it’s quite likely, was not equal to DR Moll’s. And even if it were, why have DR Moll playing the part of the uneducated interviewer?

How disingenuous could Expresso be?! It’s been thrown down the viewing public’s collective throat for more than 10 years that the TV presenter is a doctor, and how amazing it is that he is clever, good-looking and personable.

Utterly ridiculous, though not quite as ridiculous as the new advert for chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella, which asks the public to believe that spreading sugar on your children’s toast is a great meal to feed them at breakfast; that it is nutritious; that it won’t give them a massive sugar high and make them nearly impossible to teach. I need to ask now, WTF???


7 Responses to Forget what you know, dear public

  1. Woofles says:

    My personal favourite is how Michael uses his wife as a referee on his website:

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    HA HA HA HA, NO BLOODY WAY! And even his children are quoted.

    Jesus, that quote by his wife is honestly just ridiculous and mad. Dunno about you, Woofles, but because he likes his wife I’ve decided to make use of his services, should I ever need someone to smile crookedly at a camera, in what he thinks is an endearing way.

  3. Woofles says:

    “Daddy gives the best hugs” – I mean WTF!?!?!?!?

  4. HotGuy43 says:

    Those of us who backpacked around Europe in our youth with no money to speak of remember Nutella spread on a baguette with nostalgic affection. But a healthy food choice????? I don’t think so!

    “Dr” Mol is, in the context of TV, an actor first and a doctor second – presumably the pay makes it worth his while to act dumb in front of vitamin peddlers when his producers tell him to do so.

    I’ve seen ads for Expresso, but I really have better things to do at 5.30am than watch TV – like catch a little more shut-eye. DBAWIW, why are you watching TV that early?

  5. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    For that matter, how about “Daddy doesn’t kick the cat, even when she vomits in daddy’s slippers?” I wish THAT kind of stuff were on his website.

    HotGuy, oh yes, no question Nutella is a marvellous travel companion – I have fond memories of dipping Twix into a jar of Nutella for breakfast in London.

    haha, I caught the end of Expresso a couple of mornings that I was up early working (and zoning out for undefined periods of time).

    What else did you eat on your backpacking travels?

  6. HotGuy43 says:

    Slabs of chocolate (hard to believe now, huh?), lots of apples (easier to accept, huh?) and when I wasn’t spreading Nutella on a baguette, I was layering it with slices of tomato and camembert. Here camembert is an indulgence, but in France it’s an everyday thing and cheap too! And every third or fourth day I’d have a real meal. I can show you photos of me looking really, really thin – I’d come home looking less like someone who’d had a holiday than someone who’s spent a month or two on a hunger strike in prison. But it was always worth it. 🙂

  7. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    I am sorry…SLABS OF CHOCOLATE?????? I remember you giving away chocolates you’d been given to ME. Wow!! That makes me think that I might be able to stay my own chocolate addiction some day.

    You must have scared the bejabbers out of your parentals when returning looking a little haggard – if it were me, my parents… actually, I am stopping that sentence right there because it NEVER could be me. For me, holiday = eating a lot. he he.

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