I like my veggies peeled, ta

This is a hubbard squash next to a fairly small tomato. Despite liking a fair whack of veggies, I can’t say I would ever have been able to identify what this was were it not for my boss yelping “It’s a hubbard squash, here, have some!!!”. Hey, what can say? I go straight for the sweets aisle in Pick ‘n Pay, not the vegetable one.

Anyway, after receiving my allotment of the giant squash and an unripe pumpkin, I can honestly say that I was baffled about what I would do with them.

My colleague tried to help. “All you do is take a knife, chop it in pieces, remove the [thick as reinforced steel] peel… solve world hunger… saved the whales … invent a car that runs on doog pooh… blah blah… and then you cook it.”

I gave it to Dora The Cleaner today. She says she likes pumpkin.


4 Responses to I like my veggies peeled, ta

  1. woofles says:

    Sies man.

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    I think Dora will do a smashing job with these items. Either that, or she’ll tuck them deep inside my wardrobe and I won’t ever know what the source of the odour is.

  3. boldlybenny says:

    I never know what to do with those huge habbard squashes – I think I’d end up peeling myself trying to get that skin off!

    I love that your cleaning lady’s name is Dora – too divine!

  4. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Ha, Benny, that is totally what I thought regarding peeling oneself instead. I actually imagined if I would be able to drive myself to hospital for stitches with one bleeding hand.

    Dora is a great name, isn’t it? Pity Dora doesn’t like to clean bathrooms. GRRRRR!

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