Hello? Can you hear me?

Today I am going to spend the afternoon phoning 90-year-old people in a foreign land. I’ve spoken to about half of them before but I suspect that I no longer feature in their memories. Thus, I suspect, this afternoon might be extremely trying.

Admin is not my favourite part of a job, especially in instances where I was unaware that the client, a man with what I suspect is a fairly uncontrolled case of ADD/ADHD, would assume that I would do the admin because an employee of his won’t get off his arse and do it.

On another note, I remember one of the main reasons for my decision to stop listening to 94.7 Highveld Stereo years ago… hearing the same song four times between the hours of 9.00 and 16.00, particularly if it is that wrist-slitting-ly awful “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars, can cause one to pray for an aneurysm to end the pain.

Finally, let’s all have a collective gasp of excitement at the news that Roxette will be gracing SA’s shores sometime soon. YES FOLKS!!!! A band last popular in 1990, is coming to SA. If we’re really lucky, Michael Learns to Rock will come back for it’s 4000th tour of this fine land. Hold thumbs.


2 Responses to Hello? Can you hear me?

  1. Hardspear says:

    I can mostly tolerate 94.7, but have to agree with you on the Bruno Mars thing. Same goes for the firefly song… urg… They have good traffic updates though. Nevermind Roxette – Duran Duran is coming – hope they do not forget their Zimmer-frames at home.

  2. dbawiw says:

    Oh my god, that Firefly song…TERRIBLE!!! I forgot how awful 94.7 can be, especially when it is Alex Jay playing those songs. Life is bad during those moments, Spear.

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