How to get away with organ trafficking

  • Call yourself Netcare St Augustines Hospital
  • Perform more than 100 illegal kidney transplant operations at the hospital, having paid poor Brazilians for their organs.
  • Get found out
  • Deny, deny and furiously deny for around seven years that your CEO was aware of this illegal, deplorable practice at said hospital
  • Fire those who performed the illegal kidney transplants while still denying knowledge of any wrongdoing
  • Have charges against you dropped after finally admitting that your CEO knew about these transplants, which brought the company millions of rand
  • Strike a deal with prosecutors allowing you, Netcare, to pay just under R8-million for the crimes, bearing in mind that Netcare is an hugely successful, large multinational hospital group that is probably doubled over laughing right now at drop in the ocean that is this fine.
  • Release a statement saying that you “regret” that illegal kidney transplants took place, and that it should never be allowed to happen again
  • Continue acting the part of the unfairly charged and good corporate citizen, while continuing to be an arrogant, duplicitous, mercenary parasite of an organisation.



4 Responses to How to get away with organ trafficking

  1. Woofles says:

    Dude, I just cannot wrap my mind around this story. What HAPPENED? I mean, it just seems so incomprehensible to me that a major company like Netcare would be participating in such crazy high-risk behaviour in this world of audits and forensics? It just doesn’t make sense to me. How could they think noone would find out?

  2. HotGuy43 says:

    DBAWIW, and your point is …? ๐Ÿ™‚

    So good to see you last night. It had been far too long!

  3. Hardspear says:

    Ja, I thought not much shock me these days, but NETCARE? You’d expect it to happen in some backstreet illegal clinic or a fancy place in the Bahamas… But our own NETCARE?????

    I am too scared to ask myself what would I do if I am desparate for a new kidney……

  4. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Woofles and Hardspear, isn’t this just the most sickening and baffling story?! As you say, it just does not make sense. Could Netcare really have thought it was never going to have to fess up? When I first heard about this latest round of charges levelled against Netcare in August or so, I couldn’t bring myself to believe that this company might have acted so stupidly and callously in managing this affair, and yet that is exactly what it did.

    Hardspear, Woofles doesn’t know this but I stole a kidney of hers which I keep in my freezer should I ever require one. She thought she just slipped and cut herself after one of her champagne binges.

    HotGuy, oh no, I believe it is *your* point that requires making here.
    Have a grand time in Argentina, and wave at the Casa Rosada for me. Catch you when you’re back.

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