Anyone been to India?

If so, have you been to Mumbai?

If so, what would you suggest doing/seeing in that city if you were there for three days?

And while we’re at it, have any of you been to Goa?

If so, where would you suggest staying?

P.S. Two years ago I was on a plane to New York. I’m so glad I went!


8 Responses to Anyone been to India?

  1. Tamara says:

    No to all your questions, but if you’re desperate for advice, I can hook you up with a couple of friends who have been. Are you planning a trip there?

  2. C. says:

    don’t drink the tap water, don’t eat food unless its from a 5 star hotel, don’t give money to a beggar or you’ll be mobbed, careful taking one of those small taxis – drive likes crazies.

    lol never been to India just giving advice anyways.

    Why are you going??? are you going anywhere else? when are you going? who are you going with? why are you leaving me??? :/ oh forget the last Q.

  3. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    I am indeed, Tamara, in January.

    Ha, thanks for the unsolicited advice, C. I am just going for a holiday and not to worry, I shall be back

  4. cuz g from oz says:

    I was on a plane that stopped to refuel in New Delhi once. My advice – get a plane that can make it the whole way without having to stop to refuel at random 3rd world airports. That is all.

  5. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH, I love that!! Thank you. I am flying JHB, Dubai, Mumbai, the final leg of which is only about three hours, so I really, really , really hope there is enough fuel to get us there. I will also see if I can find a nice wooden carving of an Indian moose to send to you.

  6. cuz g from oz says:

    Considering it’s India, a mongoose may be more likely. They are also good, even if they dont have silly antlers.

  7. boldlybenny says:

    I’m jealous – how fab! I have no advice but am secretly cat hissing at everyone planning great holidays. Consider yourself cat hissed at 🙂

  8. HotGuy43 says:

    Read Gregory Roberts’ “Shantaram” – either you’ll cancel your trip, or else you’ll never come home.

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