Pressing questions

Why don’t they make Fanta Zero in 500ml bottles?

Why are cringe-worthy Christmas adverts flighted on South African TV from 1 November?

Why does the Magnum Gold taste only half as good as it looks?

How does newly appointed Minister of Sports, Fikile Mbalula, really feel about being moved from his previous, more substantive (arguably) position as Deputy Minister of Police?

Where is my Ipod?

Will my cat return to my flat and meow at the door at 3am or 4am Thursday morning?

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask?


2 Responses to Pressing questions

  1. Tamara says:

    Never mind Christmas ads, I wanna know why it’s still bloody Boney M every year in shopping centres and elevators? Does nobody else make wishy washy Christmas music?

    And why don’t they make Rascals anymore? Those were the bestest sweets!

    Does Fikile Mbalula know anything about sports?

    Is your cat back yet?

  2. dbawiw says:

    Has Fikile Mbalula removed his tongue from Jimmy Manyi’s bum?

    Hmmm, Rascals… i think I really only liked the orange ones – the blackcurrent flavoured ones put me off.

    My cat didn’t leave!! Amazingly enough, she did not leave when Dora my domestic worker, arrived.

    I have not, however, located my Ipod, sadly. I think it might be in my car somewhere.

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