I am generally quite easy to please in restaurants. If the food is flavoured well, warm if it should be warm and vise versa, arrives before I become ‘hangry’ (so hungry you’re angry) and I receive adequate attention from the waiter, I am a happy diner.

When the portion is so small that I’m left desiring an entire other meal, arrives an hour after ordering, costs twice what it would anywhere else and the waiter stares blankly and shuffles his feet when you tell him it was ordered medium rare and not well done, I am not what you might call happy.

The Green Peppercorn in Morningside is  playing out of its league. I won’t be returning.

On another note, I am very pleased to read this story which contends that drinking green tea doesn’t really prevent breast cancer in the majority of women.  Vile, vile stuff, green tea.

Errr, yes, that’s it for now.

5 Responses to Hangriness

  1. C. says:

    Hangry, hah hah love that!

    I hate well done fillet steak, happened to me a couple months ago, the steak came – well done :/ I ordered medium rare – and my chips arrived 10 minutes later by which time I’d eaten most of the steak. and it cost like R150 or more, what a fucking rip-off. that wasnt as bad as the guy at the next table getting lamb shank when he’d ordered a steak, lucky he eats lamb so he accepted it wtf. my dad also ordered the fillet, his veggies came once he’d eaten the whole thing. Then the chef/owner comes out later n says “sorry, we had so many walk-in’s tonight” well fuck-arse if you can’t handle the numbers tell them you’re fully booked if your service is gonna suffer like that. I’m never going back. It was Ile Maurice in Umhlanga if anyone reads this n cares.

  2. Tamara says:

    Hangry… what an awesome word. Adding it to my vocab.

    Green tea tastes like dishwashing water. Blergh.

  3. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Hangry is a great word – it’s not mine but I take every opportunity to use it, especially cos a few of my nearest dearests become hangry quite regularly.
    C, thanks for the tip re Ile Maurice – I remember seeing it in Umhlanga.
    Tamara, I’m so glad you agree – green tea is junk!

  4. Woofles says:

    I am one of those peeps to which DBAWIW refers – I get quite hangry regularly. I can testify that she is very patient and never gets thrown by it, but just calmly says “I can see you are getting hangry Woofles, time to eat something”, and calmly pries the iron wrench from my hand.

  5. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Woofles, you do happen to be the cutest hangry person I know, and only once have drawn blood using your iron wrench at a restaurant. But yes, your hanger is not to be trifled with, no sirree!

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