A hot spring day … WTF?!

This is how Wits dries its table cloths… on wide stretches of foliage, apparently.

I suspect those responsible for washing the university’s linen might wash it in the sparkling 25m pool. Either that or in the ladies’ loos.

Well, it’s been a scorching hot spring day in Jo’burg, so why not take advantage of the sun? I’m working on a driving-arm tan.


2 Responses to A hot spring day … WTF?!

  1. Brown Mutt says:

    You know, I have to say that putting out laundry to dry in public has always got on my nerves. It’s a bad habit, and makes any place look sh1tty and slum-like. In Switzerland apparently there are tons of by-laws banning people from hanging up their washing in undesignated areas, and while the Swiss are no doubt a bunch of fascists, I can kinda side with them on this one.

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Especially when the laundry exposed is underwear full of holes and enormous bras.

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