User unfriendliness

Much has been said about public toilets, particularly about the trials faced by germophobic women when trying to ensure that nothing they own touches any surface.

This particular bog had me at full stretch when trying to slip my bag on a hook on the back of the door. Although I am a centimetre shorter than my sister (bah!), at a very average height of 1.69m, I fear for the health of the necks around which hand bags will have to be draped instead, by shorter women.

I just wonder what the fuck workmen think when doing something as user-unfriendly as this. Probably, “Where’s my lunch and why do I get paid such a pittance?”

I think there’s a gap in the market for physiotherapists, here. Perhaps I should have written my sister’s number in this loo, though the temptation to say ‘for a good time’ instead of ‘for alleviation of your sore neck’ would just land me in trouble.

Would be damn funny for me, though.


5 Responses to User unfriendliness

  1. Charmskool says:

    When saying that you are a VERY AVERAGE 1.69m tall I feel that you are implying that my 1.60m is somewhat short – my feelings are soo hurt! I think I am very average and in Japan I was TALL! Take it back!

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    So extremely sorry for the unintentional hurt feelings caused, shorty. ;D
    You’d need a stepladder to reach that hook, Charm.

  3. Orange Pom says:

    DBAWIW is shorter than her sister, in case that wasn’t clear.

  4. DBAWIW says:

    ARgggggggggggggg, shurrup, Pom!!!

  5. Orange Pom says:


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