The strange and the immoral

A couple of things have caught my attention on the news wires today.

Remember Paul the clairvoyant calamari, of World Cup football fame? Since his career as a picker of football winners came to an end, he’s been looking for something else to fill his time, and has settled on being an Elvis Presley impersonator.

His agent (yes, Paul has an agent) says Paul has a record deal in placed “for an album called Paul the Octopus Sings Elvis”.

I wouldn’t mind hearing that album. I’d be particularly interested in Paul’s renditions of Fever and Are you lonesome tonight? I am sure they’d be full of feeling and emotion.

I hope the CD will come with a bonus karaoke DVD featuring a montage of Paul’s correct predictions set to his heartwarming tunes.

I do have a question – will Paul be playing his own instruments? I can definitely see him sitting peacefully behind a harp making byoooootiful music.

The other article that made me stop and bang my head on the desk a few times to ease the pain was one informing the world that Nigeria’s government is buying its president, Goodluck Jonathan, not one, not two but THREE new jets, all for him. The cost: US$ 150 million.

This, while his country can’t provide adequate electricity to citizens.

Perhaps this will triple his chances of dying in a plane crash.

One can only hope.


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