Somethin’ new

I have no fucking idea what to write.
I’ve written and erased three opening sentences which is a waste, I tell ya, owing to these fokken tiny keys on this Blackerry’s fokken tiny keyboard.
I feel somewhat ill-prepared… for everything. Mostly always have, though, so perhaps I shouldn’t fret too much about a whole new life. Or a little bit of a new life. Or perhaps just less of the old life.
Oi vey.
Thirty-two years old but really still just a child inside.


2 Responses to Somethin’ new

  1. cuz g from oz says:

    Write about this then. A life sized, 1700 lb chocolate moose. Mmmm, chocolate moose. It’s somewhere in Maine. Unfortunately they have no chocolate mongooses, but they did have chocolate lobster too.

  2. dbawiw says:

    oh my god, yummmmmmmmm

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