South Africans start talking about the weather again

An upsurge in talking about the weather has been recorded in offices across South Africa as citizens returned to their workplaces on Monday, no longer the proud hosts of the Fifa football World Cup.

Carefully studied CCTV footage has distinctly shown colleagues yelping to one another, “Jissis, it’s cold!” as they sip their morning mugs of Frisco. Further investigation has revealed yet more utterances of, “Jissis, it’s cold!” as office workers gather around computers to watch PowerPoint presentations of scenes from the tournament set to ‘Wavin’ Flag’, and another bout of, “Jissis, it’s cold!” as they prepare to leave for the day.

Spokesperson for government pressure group, We’re for Climate Conversations and General Weather Talk (WFCCAGWT), Mrs Francesca Janse van der Poggenpoel, said a dramatic drop in the number of conversations containing the words ‘cold’ and ‘witch’s tit’ during the World Cup was noted, prompting the group to launch an email campaign calling for a more concerted focus on the weather.

“We have only about 1.5 months left of being able to inform Pick ‘n Pay cashiers and our hairdressers how cold it is, being winter and all. After that, our focus will turn to how hot it is, being summer and all, and how rainy it is,” Janse van der Poggenpoel explained.

“Time is flying, it’s a small world and it’s always in the last place you look,” she asserted, as she drew her coat more firmly around her and craned her neck to hear the radio weather report more clearly.

At the same time, South Africans have been urged to wear their yellow Bafana Bafana supporters’ jerseys to work this Friday, and to wave their  “Winter…Ke nako!” flags, in order to raise weather-focussed conversations to levels last seen in the winter of 1994.


2 Responses to South Africans start talking about the weather again

  1. Charmskool says:

    Sjoe it’s cold in Cape Town hey! It’s pouring with rain and snowing on high ground. They say it’s going to be cold till about next Monday. I was so cold this morning – I was talking about it with my boss and he also said “jislaaik it but it’s cold”

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    I may have to hurt you for that, Charm.
    Bundle up, now… why? Because it’s COLD!

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