Of dirt and birds

Today, after two years of quiet pestering, David, the office’s car-guard-cum-cleaner-cum-car-washer finally convinced me to pay him to wash my car. This followed a year of sneering disgust painted on his face upon seeing my decidedly off-white car approach this office, day after filthy day.

My thinking was as follows: I leave this office in two weeks’ time, and the chances are good to great that David won’t demand that I let him wash the car between now and then.

Also, I could no longer see through my windscreen any longer, and was almost driving into pavements and people, as a result. So opaque it was that I almost *wanted* those awful squeegee dudes camped out at the Grayston offramp to do their smearing routine on my windscreen.

David has managed to wash off about two-thirds of the dirt, which I suppose is better than a punch to the guts. And I, dear reader, have contributed to his standard Monday morning hangover.

I wish to leave you with this marvellous story that made me gurgle with laughter:


A cockatoo made a court appearance in Austria Monday, after

having been summoned in a lawsuit over the state of its health, a

spokesman at the Klagenfurt regional court confirmed.

Seppi’s "testimony" was to fly in a large hall to find out

whether the animal is lopsided when airborne, as its Danish owner


The Danish man is asking an Austrian breeder to return the

purchase price of 12,000 euros (15,000 dollars), as he says the

black-feathered bird suffers from chronic gout.

Seppi conducted his test flight in a closed session. But when

the male bird took to the air shortly before the court session, it

crashed into a wall, Austrian press agency APA reported.

A veterinary expert is set to provide an opinion in the coming

months, based on the cockatoo’s flight skills and medical tests.

Seppi is a red-tailed black cockatoo, a species native to



2 Responses to Of dirt and birds

  1. Tamara says:

    I wonder if the bird is named after Sepp Blatter? And did you hear about the dog called Sepp Blatter that got to jet around the country on Kulula flights? Bizarre world we live in.

  2. dbawiw says:

    I did hear about that dog, very amusing!
    Poor lopsided, concussed little cockatoo.

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