My office has never believed in offering its staff members suitable equipment for our jobs.

Until about a year ago, I was using Microsoft Office 97.  Three of us shared two recorders, one of which was the unspoken but very evident property of our ‘manager’, leaving my colleague and me the unenviable task of trying to ensure that none of our interviews coincided with each other’s. Naturally I began schlepping my laptop (personal, not the company’s property, of course) to meetings, simply to type as the person spoke.

Until recently, the bosses came to work by ox-wagon and we would brew morning tea over a fire in an old drum in the basement parking

This morning I was forced to conduct a telephonic interview with a radiologist who is snowbound in the Drakensberg, on holiday apparently.

The options for taking notes during this interview were as follows: put the dude on speaker phone very loudly in this open-plan office because we have no phones that offer a speaker phone function in the two enclosed spaces on the premises; scrunch the phone between my shoulder and ear as I write illegible notes by hand and miss most of the vital points; scrunch the phone between my shoulder and ear at an impossible angle while I type words that look like ‘suxryel’  and ‘marnjsnu’ while convincing myself I’ll know what they’ll mean when I look at them later.

I thus decided to try putting a thick rubber band around my head and phone, thereby securing it to my ear.

Almost worked, too!

Then I realised I looked like a Walmart person, so I dismantled my working contraption. I am an INVENTOR!!!


2 Responses to DBAWIW Edison

  1. hardspear says:

    Sounds like a Redneck ‘hands-free’ kit!

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Heathen! I looked HOT, I tells ya!

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