I’m still a youth…barely.

I watched the opening 2010 World Cup match on Friday with my gran who recently broke her pelvis and is currently laid up. Therefore I sat in the frail care section of her retirement home and visited a bit.

My gran’s hearing is a touch on the bad side. Unfortunately, her hearing aid is allegedly fucked, so she’s opted not to use it for now. This, however, means any visitor has to watch and listen to the TV at a volume that would wake Amy Winehouse after a night on the town.

This coupled with the vuvuzelas left me wanting to lie down on an empty bed in the ward.

My Gran and I watched the first half of the match with Florence, the most wonderful nurse I’ve met in a long time and who really lives up to her namesake’s reputation. Molly and her care-giver joined us for a while, and although Molly spent much of the match with her eyes shut and her care-giver sat stared with stony concentration at every Bafana-Mexico tackle, I think they enjoyed the first half.

On Saturday morning, prior to an energetic walk around the suburbs with Colourful Canine, I spotted this monstrosity hanging in a shop window.


As a former great friend of mine used to say, “People make awful clothing because people buy awful clothing.”

Enjoy the Youth Day and the day off tomorrow, Saffers.


10 Responses to I’m still a youth…barely.

  1. Louisa says:

    That really is quite special…I wonder if a person who would wear such a garment would at least know which flag belongs to who?

    I watched the game at the Keg, and let me tell you – that many vuvuzelas would give Amy a wake up easy enough too.

  2. Eileen says:

    My 18 year old son was in hospital on Friday at Entabeni in Dbn (nothing serious) while the opening game was on.
    The entire hospital erupted, patient’s and staff outdoing each other, when we scored the first goal. Powerfully patriotic stuff!
    Even the theatre staff were decked out in full regalia and blowing vuvuzela’s.
    There was an elderly gent in the same ward who kept shouting Banana Banana, causing everyone to cheer and collapse in giggles…..so much of awesomeness!

  3. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    haha, ‘special’ is the word for it, Louisa, right on! So you don’t want one for your birthday? If you ever got bored, you could test your geography according to the flag.

    Eileen, that’s a really lovele story. Powerful patriotic stuff indeed. Glad to hear it’s nothing serious with your son.

  4. As Louisa says, sounds “special”, and yup, in a good way!
    I watched the opening ceremony of one of the Olympics with my grandmother who was busy dying of cancer at the time. It felt arb at the time, but all warm & fuzzy now.

    I watched with cynical Aussies, one of whom spent the entire match swearing about how dumb a sport soccer is, and how superior a sport “Aussie Rules” (Footy) is. And then passed out drunk by the 90th minute. All that “tension” everyone else describes around SA’s goal… I missed it, thanks to arguing about the “aerogrooves” and “acting abilities” of soccer players. Nee maar fok.

    Future Lesson: Get them to start drinking earlier, to pass out much much earlier!

  5. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Although I remain unconvinced by soccer/football as a sport, I am afraid I’ll never be able to take Aussie Rules football seriously owing to the length, or lack thereof, of the shorts they wear, and the gestures of the ref when a team scores.

    Nevermind, Champs, you learnt a good lesson – get them Aussies drinking earlier.

    P.S. Do YOU want one of those dresses for your birthday? I’ll arrange. he he.

  6. billyjean says:


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    Keep up the good work!

  7. cuz g from oz says:

    The shorts in Aussie rules are currently being well and truly overshadowed by some of the Argentine teams hairstyles. For a country that spent the 80’s losing wars to England and under a military dictatorship for half of it, they certainly loved the hairstyles. Come on Argentina, if you score again it means South Korea can be deemed almost as bad as Australia!

  8. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Hi Billyjean, thanks!

    Hah, Cuz, did you hear about how Diego Maradonna shouted at a journalist whose foot he rode over with his car? Apparently the clumsy S.A journo had the nerve to have his foot squashed by the Argentine coach. I’m sure Maradonna’s hair looked GREAT, though, as he was driving into people.

  9. Bec Davis says:


  10. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Would you wear that rokkie, Bec? I’d happily buy if for you just to see you don it! 😀

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