Viva the vuvuzela

These a are vuvuzelas. The extra large version above is perched on an unfinished bridge in Cape Town, and will allegedly be sounded every time  a goal is scored. It’s unclear if this is every time Bafana Bafana score, in which case the silence may be deafening, or if it’s anytime any team scores a goal.

Pictured below is the smallest vuvuzela I’ve seen and in a move that has surprised no-one, least of all me, someone in my office’s building has dared to worsen the building’s decor even further by press-sticking a mini-vuvuzela to a clay version of some fowl or other and putting a Bafana Bafana scarf around these birds’ necks. Three of them stare out at passing traffic and if they were looking at a busier street, I have no doubt they’d be causing accidents.

Still doesn’t beat the map featuring Rhodesia and South West Africa in our boardroom for taste, but it’s pretty damn close.


6 Responses to Viva the vuvuzela

  1. Louisa says:

    Wow! That CT one is massive. I’m quite happy that I don’t have to hear it.

  2. Yellow Puppy says:

    I cannot tell you how weird I find that picture of the clay guinea fowl with a vuvuzela rammed onto its beak. It is simultaneously disturbing and cute.

  3. dbawiw says:

    Yes, yellow puppy (are you a Lab?) Why is that guinea fowl both disturbing and cute????? That is exactly it!! I need to look at it everyday and I still find it endearing is a bizarre way. Shall I steal one for you?

    Louisa, my sister suggested we get Julius Malema to blow the CT vuvuzela as he seems the only one capable of doing so.

  4. Tashi says:

    How many accidents will be caused in CT by that enormous thing if Bafana Bafana happen to score a goal? I think the CBD may look like a bizarre dominoes factory…

  5. dbawiw says:

    Tash!! Great to see you here. Quite correct re the dominoes image, I’d imagine. If it were the Joburg CBD, however, nothing would happen … commuters are so used to blaring horns that nothing phases them. I wish I could get a vuvuzela to you on the upper east side and watch you blasting it from your window.

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