Dressing down

There’s an article on Reuters.com asking if your colleagues look better to you on a Monday [than they do any other day of the week, I assume].

The short answer is no.

They do not.

They never look any better to me than does a snapping crocodile that hasn’t eaten in weeks.

What made me snort out loud at this article was the finding that on average, women spend 76 minutes getting ready on a Monday, broken down as follows:

-About 25 minutes on hair

-18 minutes on make-up

-16 minutes trying on different combinations of clothes

– The rest on showering and washing.

I suppose people like this exist. I knew someone who would get up at a full two hours before she left for her workplace in order to get dressed … even on those odd occasions requiring her to be *at* work at 6.00 or even earlier.

At the height of my disregard about what I looked like for work, my morning preparation took 18 minutes. This was when I woke up at 4.30 (yes, a.m.) in order to write and read radio news. Never before – and I seriously doubt ever again – had I managed to be at my desk at my workplace, banging away on a computer, within 25 minutes of waking. I looked like the zombie other zombies are embarrassed to be seen with.

Nowadays, I am only slightly less zombie-like in appearance on an average day at work. My morning toilet involves selecting a top and pair of jeans that are clean and choosing from three pairs of sneakers (five minutes), brushing my hair and tying it up (two minutes), brushing teeth and washing face (4.5 minutes), applying eyeliner (35 seconds) and checking that no visible clothing is on back-to-front (1.5 minutes).

That’s about 13.5 minutes. If I shower, add on 10 minutes for cleansing and five minutes for hairdrying.

Clearly other women (and men) out there are using the time I’m not.

76 minutes???????!!!!

That is time better spent asleep.


3 Responses to Dressing down

  1. Black Dog Barking says:

    I have an ex girlfriend who used to take about that every morning before work. What’s more, she was a very deep sleeper and required a succession of alarms to wake her up for an hour preceding that, starting with the TV turning on and ending with a shrieking clock radio buzzer.

    I am a light sleeper and I’ll wake up at the slightest sound. Every time I heard the TV tube pop on I was wide awake and cursing even before there was a picture.

    That didn’t help her to wake up, nor did it speed up her morning ablutions.

    — BDB

  2. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    I think we got the same genetics in terms of sleeping ability. I both envy and loathe your ex for that. Perhaps you do the latter, too?

  3. Black Dog Barking says:

    I wish I was a better sleeper, but I’d hate to be someone who _sleeps_ that deeply. Getting up in the morning is bad enough without having to be roused from a coma.

    Both my parents are light sleepers, too. I guess it really is a family thing.

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