A group of us attended the final evening’s performances of RAPS, the South African schools one-act play festival, last night. It is gratifying and encouraging to see teenagers so enthused and involved in the magical world of theatre. Good, bad or somewhere in between, these performances are heartfelt and clearly provide a means for these kids to display a creativity and passion that perhaps they can’t access in other aspects of their lives. 

RAPS is undergoing wonderful changes. For the first time in its 40-year history, the festival was captured on film – strange but true. A RAPS website has just gone live (http://raps.org.za), a Facebook page has been created as well as a Twitter feed. The festival, thanks to the recent appointment of a smart, innovative, strategic woman, shows every indication of being the premier introduction to the dramatic arts in the country. 

Next year May, please support RAPS simply by going to see some of S.A’s future acting, directing and production stars in action, before they become famous. And offer suggestions on the website – I know they would welcome all thoughts that would see RAPS growing and developing. 


On another note, the Young Communist League has said The Beautiful Game is one that should be played by S.A’s soccer team with “the militancy and radicalism” of the 1976 Soweto student uprising. 

Yes, the Young Communist League says Bafana Bafana should “apply the militancy and radicalism of the June 16 martyrs on the field of play by performing well and doing the country proud” during the Confederations Cup tournament, which kicked off today. 

I do love how most of S.A. youth leagues are able to bring militancy and radicalism into just about anything, including, I’m sure, cooking, candle making and sleeping. 

Empty vessels, eh?


2 Responses to RAPSing

  1. Mauve Dane says:

    This little Mauve Dane got a big tear in her eye over here. You are the best! Thank you for coming!

    And go visit http://www.raps.org.za everyone!!!

  2. HotGuy43 says:

    Candle-making is like radical, man …

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