Funny false advertising

ladderless1Sorry about the poor quality of this photo. I took it this morning as I drove to work, and snapping pics while putting on make up, smoking a joint and swigging from my hipflask  sometimes causes me to falter in one of these activities – often I’ve arrived at my destination with a mascara wand protruding from my eye.

Anyway, the Ladderless Window Cleaning Co appears to have a slight problem with its advertising. If you cast your eyes to the roof of the car, you will notice…. a ladder. A large ladder, in fact.

I think I might enjoy this type of false advertising. I would enjoy visiting the website of ‘low-cost’ airline, Kulula, on the day it offers cheap flights to Cape Town, to find that just a couple of hours after the special began, not a seat was available.  I would also enjoy receiving  – or not receiving the email until it was too late, as it were – the email announcing this special, sneakily sent at 22:30 the night before.

Oh, did I say ‘enjoy’? What I meant to say was that I would feel the need to gouge out the eyes of those responsible for misleading the public into believing in the organisation’s beneficence. 


 I wonder what is for sale, here?



6 Responses to Funny false advertising

  1. boldly benny says:

    Ha ha, this is just far too funny! All of it, especially Kulula because I usually get into a flurry when I see the words cheap and Cape Town. I love visiting my family so if I can do it on a bargain I’m all for it. EXCEPT it wasn’t cheap, not at all. Some of the flights were astronomical. I got tickets for my boyfriend and I in August and it was R2700 for the two of us. Average for air tickets but definitely not cheap. When I found nice cheap tickets the website conveniently froze and when it refreshed the tickets had gone up in price… CURSES!

  2. cuz g from oz says:

    I have a solution for your driving problems. Rather than smoking the joint AND swigging from the hip flask, you need the whisky in the bottom of a bong, rather than boring old water, which you can then drink upon finishing the cone – all the benefits, with one less item to handle. Voila! However, when the urgent need to make a phonecall presents itself, there may be more problems arising. I’ll have a think about potential solutions to this one and get back to you.

  3. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    I hate kulula! When are you starting that airline you mentioned a while back, Benny? The one where all the flight attendants would ask passengers, “whaddaya gonna have, cocksucker?”

    Cuz, I would greatly appreciate your coming back to me with a solution to the phoning conundrum. As for a whisky bong, you are a problem solver of note. Ta! Will try it tomorrow -it will be Friday, after all.

  4. Charmskool says:

    I find that smoking a joint whilst driving always leads to little burn holes all over my clothes. The whisky is enough for me. Try tinting your eyelashes to avoid the mascara wand accidents, it then frees up one of your hands for eating a croissant and smsing your buddies.
    Fish NOT FO’ SAIL – I expect that they are fo’ air travel or maybe they are going to drive to their destination? Perhaps round the world lone yachtsmen have been making enquiries about companion fish to travel with them?

  5. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Thank you. I suspect you’re right about the Sail Fish.
    My God, I forgot about eating!!!!! How could I? Of COURSE I need a hand for eating a croissant and smsing. I could train my right foot to do the clutching, so that my left foot is freed up for painting beach scenes.

  6. boldly benny says:

    I want to start that airline soon, very soon because I really do need another job and I fancy Richard Branson’s job so I think it makes sense to open an airline.

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