Killing off TV Characters

01 10 08

I am truly distressed to hear that the Isidingo character Lettie has been killed off. Seriously. I even dreamt about it two nights ago. I haven’t watched the local soap much of late, so it was a large shock to hear from my colleague that Lettie was killed in a car crash in an episode last week. How much heartache can Ma Agnes be expected to take? I don’t understand why the script writers had to kill her off. I mean, even if the actress was demanding too much money (I am merely speculating here – she probably was just sick and tired of have to look at Carl Beukes’s ugly hairstyle), could they not just have let her take the job in New York as the next best-ever tv news anchor, instead?

That said, there are definitely some characters who should have been killed rather than simply have gone to college/joined the U.N/left to find themselves, e.g.:

  • Brenda from ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ – should have died in a fiery helicopter smash
  • Dylan from the same show – should have had his head chopped off by an industrial mincer
  • Half the cast of ‘Days of our Lives’ – should have had their intestines removed through their throats
  • Ditto for that of ‘Bold and the Beautiful’

Same goes for singers who keep trying to return to recapture their glory days, including Jon Bon Jovi; Rod Stuart; Paul McCartney; Elton John; Sinéad O’Connor; Tina Turner and Michael Jackson. It’s time for them to retire…for good.