Night of 1000 Drawings

16 11 07

Last night a group of us attended the Night of 1000 Drawings event in the Joburg CBD. What a great evening!! It was held in the Lister building in Bree Street, in the heart of Town.

A bit of background on this worthy event:

It is a one night exhibition where people are invited to donate A5 photographs and/or drawn pictures which are then sold for R100 each.

The proceeds go to Paballo ya Batho, a scheme that feeds and cares for inner city homeless people.

Last night was the second annual event

It was truly a unique experience for me. Firstly, driving into the CBD at night is a novelty for any middleclass Joburger. Although I worked in the city for over a year in 2005, my roaming around town was confined to daylight hours, often with Golden Beagle. However, I maintain that that was the most interesting year, location-wise, of my life to date (pity the work was so goddamn boring!)

An informal estimate by one of the ushers last night put the attendance at over 1000 people. It definitely felt like it…one thing the Lister building is lacking is adequate air conditioning to support the frantic running around of a thousand people trying to ensure that they snag the picture that appeals to them. That’s the routine – you arrive; you glug down a drink because you can feel and see the water escaping in bucket-loads from your skin because of the consuming heat; you do a quick scan of the many donated photos and drawings, ranging from funky photos of windmills (Chicsa Fashionista, you have talent!!!) to one too many childish drawings of crosses; you wait for the signal to give your sticker to an attendant, who will place it on a peg holding your picture; you wait and chat and listen to music until you can collect your prize.

A number of bands played on the roof of the building overlooking the amazing sight of the center of town and the lights of Joburg. How amazing it was to be dancing on the roof of a building in the heart of one of the most dangerous cities in the world. I imagine this is what city living is like in other cities – such a pity it’s not all that viable for us except for on highly organised occasions. I heard Desmond and the Tutus play and they were great. Love the sound of their base. Reminded me a little of No Doubt in the old days.A great event; a worthy event. Let’s all go next year, ok?