Steve Hofmeyr – God

02 03 07

Does everyone know that if there is some benevolent, omnipotent force governing our lives, his name would be Steve Hofmeyr? Yes, it’s true. Afrikaans music icon Steve is undoubtedly our Number One being. For only a God-like being could guarantee the family of a kidnapped girl that their daughter/sister would be returned to them shortly and would be well and healthy on her return. No exercise of cautiousness by Steve in this situation. Just because very nearly all child kidnappings in South Africa have one result -death- this is no reason for Steve to perhaps display a jot of forethought as to how his naïve comments may affect the family of this missing girl.

It’s one thing to offer hope where the likelihood of a safe return is a probability, but it’s quite another to extend the insanity by saying that he hoped his children would one day play with the kidnapped child. Is this really helpful to this devastated family? Are the pronouncements of a pop star somehow more valid and true than if it were, say, the newspaper seller who told this family that their little girl’s kidnapper/s is/are probably just waiting to be convinced to hand her back.

Is it not ridiculous, presumptuous and, above all, extremely arrogant to make light of a family’s panic in this way? I know that these poor parents absolutely cannot believe anything other than that their child will be found and she will be unharmed. But it’s now close on two weeks that she’s been missing, and surely this kind of blustering must madden them? Or are they REALLY soothed by this unfounded faith? Do they really believe that because Steve Hofmeyr told them that he believes the little girl will be safely returned, it will come to pass?

Bugger him and the radio station that chose to put this piece of embarrassment on air – public interest my eye! I haven’t heard such rubbish in a very long time.